From the left to the right: Professor Clare Collins (University of Newcastle, Australia), Professor Jayne Woodside (Queen’s University of Belfast), Mr Vivien Bodereau (EIT Food), Coordinator of the project Professor Paul Brereton (Queen’s University of Belfast), Dr Laura Vazquez (Basque Culinary Center), Ms. Marina Koukoulanaki (EUFIC), Mr. Paul Newnham (SDG2 Advocacy Hub)

On Thursday, the 30th of May, Queens University of Belfast organised the WeValueFood workshop. The event featured talks from a range of international speakers who explored topics crucial to the WeValueFood vision:

  • How to get children to make better dietary choices

  • How to re-engage society with cooking and food

  • Strategies and tools for communicating food values to consumers

  • Communicating science to the media

Representatives from academia, agri-food industry and non- profit organisations attended the event.

Horizon 2020