Short term outcomes

  • The establishment of a pan European network of children and students across Europe who are very food aware

  • Fit for purpose food education and engagement tools for the youth of today

  • A large pan-European cohort of passionate, proactive and knowledgeable food champions

  • New participative training programs for industry on how best to cocreate learning on food values

  • Next generation led digital communication platform(s)

Longer Term Outcomes 4-10 years

  • A new pan-European generation that is much more food aware, who value food, and are proactive

  • A society that is more knowledgeable and discerning about the food they eat in terms of nutrition, supply chain, quality standards and sustainability, and of the industry that produces it

  • Closer link between consumers and the food industry

  • Food for health and a healthy environment agenda delivers financial benefits for the economy and European citizens and transforms the image of the industry

  • European Agri-food economy thrives due to increase in product differentiation and added value, due to next generation consumers choices and values. Similarly exports to developing economies increase as their citizens demand high quality European products with assured integrity