The aim of this project is to address the growing erosion of society’s engagement with the food that it consumes. Novel approaches will be used to engage, educate and empower the next generation in specific areas within Europe where food engagement is poor. The new food champions will promote and the communicate the WeValueFood concept across Europe and beyond and help future generations value food and make the best choices in the food that they eat.

WeValueFood will produce the next generation of Food Champions who will be:
1) knowledgeable,
2) highly engaged,
3) passionate about food,
4) excellent communicators who are highly proficient in digital technology platforms.

Short term outcomes

  • The establishment of a pan European network of children and students across Europe who are very food aware
  • Fit for purpose food education and engagement tools for the youth of today
  • A large pan-European cohort of passionate, proactive and knowledgeable food champions
  • New participative training programs for industry on how best to cocreate learning on food values
  • Next generation led digital communication platform(s)

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